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Diligent Daughter, Lazy Daughter

Image Source: Unsplash

Once, a parent visited her teacher, Mr. Cai, whom she was taking a class from on Di Zi Gui and virtues. She told her teacher that she found a great book called Rich Dad Poor Dad. Her daughter used to be very lazy, but after reading this book, she became diligent! Mr. Cai asked her to explain.

She said, “Before, she didn’t do any chores around the house. After reading that book, I would tell her, ‘Daughter, help me mop the floor and I’ll give you $2.’ Then she’d be on it right away!”

Mr. Cai said the book to your daughter’s laziness is like how cold medicine suppresses the symptoms of cold, like a runny nose or a cough. That medicine does not actually cure the underlying illness. The parent wasn’t sure what Mr. Cai was trying to say.

A couple weeks later, that same parent came back with a depressed look on her face. Mr. Cai asked what’s wrong. She explained, “I’m having problems with my daughter again. Today, I told asked her I'm very tired, but I already washed some clothes, and I just want her to hang them out on the drying rack. I also said I’d give her $2. She told me today she’s also tired, and she doesn’t feel like making money today.”

Finally, she realized the problem with that book. Mr. Cai explained that relationships, especially in family, should not be built on self-interest. They should be built on love and respect.


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