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Make Me Feel Important

"All people wear a little, invisible sign around their necks. It says, "Make Me Feel Important."

Dr. Alan Zimmerman


One morning Mr. Cavett Robert looked out his window and saw a twelve-year-old boy going door to door selling books. The boy was headed for his house. Robert turned to his wife and said, "Just watch me teach this kid a lesson about selling. After all these years of writing books about communication, lecturing all over the country, I’ll show you how to get rid of a salesperson or anyone else, for that matter.”

Mrs. Robert watched as the 12-year-old boy knocked on the door. Mr. Robert opened the door and quickly explained that he was a very busy man. He had no interest in buying any books.

The young salesman was not daunted by Robert's brush-off. He simply stared at the tall, gray-haired, distinguished looking man, a man that he knew was fairly well known and quite wealthy. The boy said, "Sir, could you be the famous Mr. Cavett Robert?" To which Mr. Robert replied, "Come on in son."

Mr. Robert bought several books from the youngster — books that he might never read.


Source: Dr. Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip, Issue 1095 - 3 Little Communication Strategies That Bring BIG Cooperation


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