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Who are you?

I'm just a fellow student of life, trying to contribute something meaningful to the world. I'm a high school teacher by day and an amateur blogger in my free time. 

Why did you start this blog?

I'm passionate about learning, and I believe great things should be shared! I believe having wisdom is the key to happiness and success. Only when we have the right mindset and ideas, we will do the right actions and get good results.  Hence, I started this blog to share wisdom that I've learned and practiced so that others might avoid the suffering I've experienced and gain joy and success.

Why do you use a picture of a smiling owl?

Because owls represent wisdom, and when we use wisdom in life, we will gain joy.

What should I do on this blog?

I suggest you either browse around or use the search bar for specific topics. You can also scroll down on the home page to see all the different tags (topics) on the blog. Click on any you that catch your interest to see articles on that topic.

You can also browse a category that interests you. I created 5 categories for the blog:

  1. Weekly Wisdoms are my weekly learning reports. My intention is to make sure I keep learning, but since these learnings are useful to others, I publish them on my blog.

  2. Top Picks are articles that I think deserve special mention.

  3. Book Summaries are long posts summarizing books that I think are worth sharing.

  4. Stories are short stories with lessons worth reflecting on and sharing.

  5. Health covers basic knowledge we could all use in terms of physical health and mental health. I also blog about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  6. Ancient Wisdom is about timeless wisdom from ancient sages and philosophies, such as Stoicism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism.

How can I support you?

You can simply read some articles and press the heart button if you found them useful 😃. Another way is to comment on my posts about what you found useful.

Can I request a topic for you to write about?

Sure! I'd be happy to write about any topics that are useful to a large group of people. You can make a request by sending me a message on the Contact Page.

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