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A Special Birthday

Image Source: Unsplash

A teacher living in Shenzhen went back to her hometown for her birthday. She had recently learned about the importance of filial piety (respecting and loving parents), and she wanted to practice filial piety by expressing her gratitude towards her parents on her birthday. She got out three chairs for her mother, father, and grandma who also happened to be there. Then she invited the three of them to sit. Her mother sensed that something was about to happen, and she asked, “Daughter, what are you trying to do here?

The teacher replied, “I’m already over 30 years old, and I’ve given you guys a lot of worry and hassle over all these years. I recently learned about the importance of filial piety, so from now on, I will do my best to be a filial daughter and not give you guys unnecessary worry. I hold your 30 years of nurture and care deeply in my heart. Today happens to be my birthday, so I will perform the customary three kneels and nine bows to show my respect.

When the teacher did the first kneel, her mother's eyes started to tear up. When she did the second kneel, her son who was in third grade felt like he should be doing something filial too, so went over to his father and started massaging his arm. Later, the family went back home to Shenzhen. When the son arrived home, he happily said, “Mom, dad, next year on my birthday, I want to kneel for you guys too!


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