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Late Night Client Call

One night, a couple went to bed. Shortly after they went to bed, the man remembered he had to make an important call to a client. He got up, went to the closet, and changed into a suit. He then called the client and spoke in a very formal business manner. After the call, he went back to the closet, changed back into his pajamas, and went back to bed.

His wife watched him the whole time and asked him, “Did you hit your head or something? Why did you change into a suit if you’re just making a phone call? He can’t even see you!

The husband replied, “Even though he can’t see me, he can definitely feel my attitude through my voice over the phone. I know my attitude is different when I’m in my work suit versus pajamas. So even if he can’t see me, I wear the suit to bring out my professional attitude.


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