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Man Encounters River on Journey

Once upon a time, a man came across a river that he desperately needed to cross. He looked around and saw many materials that he could use to create a raft. He got some sticks, rope, bamboo, and created a raft.

Image Source: Unsplash

After he finished making the raft, he used it to cross the river. When he reached the other side, he felt amazing. He was so proud of himself for making that raft, and he was so thankful to the raft for saving his life. Since it was so meaningful to him, he decided to carry the raft on his back rather than leave it behind.

The man continued on his journey, but now he had to cross a forest. As he was walking through the forest, he struggled to move through all the trees because he was carrying a big raft on his back. Finally, he comes to a realization: The raft helped him cross the river, but it won't help him get through the forest.

So the man put down the raft, left it behind, and understood that the same tool that got him here will not get him to where he needs to go next.

Story Source:

Originally from the Buddha, shared by Jay Shetty on this interview.


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