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Kwik Learning Memory Class 1: Remembering Lists

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Memory basics and how to memorize a list of information easily.


I’m currently taking the Recall Masterclass from Kwik Learning right now, and as part of the homework, I am to teach what I learned each class to other people. The class is taught by Jim Kwik, a renowned brain coach. Since I’m a blogger, I’d like to share my notes with all of you. I hope you can use the knowledge and practice the methods to improve your memory as well.

Class 1: Remembering Lists

This lesson goes over the basics of how our memory works and how to remember a list of things.

Key ideas:

1. Basic association

2. The Sun List

3. The Peg method

Key Idea 1: Basic Association

“All learning is, when we’re talking about your memory, is connecting something that you know to something you don’t know. You know something inside your mind already, and you’re connecting what you want to remember to it.” -Jim Kwik

He gives the example of how if I say dog, you say cat. If I say cat, you say cheese. If I say cheese, you say swiss. It’s all linked.

Key Idea 2: The Sun List

Purpose: Use this list as the first item in a memory chain. It's called the Sun List because the first item is Sun.

Goal: When you hear a number, you can recall the item on this Sun List right away.

Key Idea 3: The Peg Method

Pegs are like hooks on the wall. When visitors come, they put their coats on the pegs. Our memory works in a similar way. With the sun list, we now have 20 pegs.

Goal: When people give us a list of items in random order, we can recall that list in any order.

Method: We have to associate the item they give us to our Sun List item. To create a strong, memorable association, we need to use a vivid imagination. We should create an image in our head that is illogical, funny, or cool to make it memorable.

A few examples:

  • Jim tells me #9 is people. #9 on my Sun List is cat. I imagine cat people. That’s weird and funny so it’s memorable.

  • Jim tells me #10 is power. #10 on my Sun List is toes. I imagine my toes doing bench presses.

  • Jim tells me #5 is privilege. #5 on my Sun List is glove. I imagine the infinity gauntlet and how that gives Thanos privilege.

Later, I can recall the random items given to me by someone else in any order.


At the beginning of the class, Jim gave out a list of 20 items, and I only remembered 12 of the items correctly. At the end of the lesson, I was able to remember 19 correctly.


  1. Memorize your Sun List inside-out, forwards and backwards

  2. Teach the Sun List to someone else

  3. Practice the Peg Method every day to memorize a list of 20 words

  4. Build on your Sun List. For example, 21 could be cards, 22 could be swans, etc.

Homework Results:

I practiced the Peg Method for 5 days, once or twice a day. I had my students test me. At the beginning, I was able to get maybe 60-70% of the words correctly. By the end of the week, I was at 85-95%. My best score was 19 out of 20.

The time I got 19 out of 20, the words were fairly simple. Other times, my students gave me really hard and long words, so my score was lower. For example, for the word “precaution”, I remembered caution. For the word “metabolism”, I remembered metal. I still have lots of room for improvement, but the process is fun and rewarding!

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