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Normal is No Longer Natural

I recently heard Peter Crone talk about health and how what's normal around us is no longer natural. People think it's normal to get ill and go get pills and then be stuck on pills for life. That's not natural. I think this idea has so many more extensions.

It's now normal that people eat lots of meat and processed foods on a regular basis. But naturally, people are meant to eat mostly plant-based foods in their whole forms.

It's now normal that people are on their phones while others are trying to talk to them. But naturally, people want real human connection.

It's now normal that children don't listen to parents, students don't listen to teachers, and people don't listen to leaders. But naturally, young children listen to and respect elders.

It's now normal that people are overly selfish. But naturally, young children from a very young age are altruistic.

It's now normal that people seek pleasure and instant gratification. But naturally, people seek higher meaning.

So many of our modern problems stem from just doing what is "normal" and using "normal" as justification. But we need to reflect on whether our normal is actually natural before mindlessly following the herd.

Image Source: Unsplash

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