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Obama's Response to "Why do people hate you?"

I just watched a two-minute video of Obama answering a question from a fourth-grader: “Why do people hate you?” Obama’s answer was very admirable and inspiring, and it reflects his deep humility, tolerance, and love for all people.

He starts off by assuring the little boy that not everyone hates him since he was voted President after all. This little boy clearly looked up to Obama, and he was saddened to see people say bad things about his hero on TV. From Obama’s first words, I could see Obama’s sensitive heart towards other people’s emotional needs.

Next, he explains that when you’re elected President, the other political party will poke you to keep you on your toes. This comment shows his humility. He doesn’t feel anger, resentment, or annoyance towards the opposing party for criticizing him. In fact, he views it as their job to keep him careful.

Third, he explains that many people are worried or frustrated about various things in life, whether it be losing a job, a home, healthcare, and as President, he has to take on part of that blame. Again, he’s being humble and accepting responsibility that others don’t want to accept.

Finally, he ends with resilience, which is based on love for all his people. He said, “You just gotta keep on going even when folks are criticizing you as long as you know you’re doing it for other people.”

His set a great example of humility and loving kindness for us to follow! If you're interested, you can watch the short clip here.

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