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The Final Interview

A big company interviewed hundreds of people for an important job. In the final round, the CEO personally held a group interview for the last 10 finalists. The CEO was about to sit down and begin the interview, when he suddenly got interrupted by his assistant about some urgent matter. The CEO told the 10 people to please wait in the meeting room, and that he will be back shortly.

The 10 finalists sat there for around 2 minutes, then some of them started walking around the room and flipping through documents on the shelves and tables. Not long after, all of them were doing it.

The CEO came back and told them none of them passed the interview. The 10 finalists were shocked. One asked, “We passed the company interviews round after round, how can you reject us without even giving us an interview?

The CEO replied, “I was only gone for less than 10 minutes, and I passed by a security camera computer, where I saw all of you started looking through documents without my permission. It’s clear that none of you know respect and carefulness. If I can’t trust you with such small matters that shouldn’t even need to be said, how can I trust you with such an important job?


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