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The Good King and The Evil King

Once upon a time, an Evil King went to a Good King's castle for dinner. The Good King provided a beautiful reception for the Evil King, even though he knew the Evil King probably had some inner agenda and negative motives in mind.

The two kings sit down for dinner, and the server brings two identical plates of food and places them in front of the two kings.

Source: Unsplash

The Good King said, "Enjoy your meal", and proceeded to start eating. But just as he was about to take his first bite, the Evil King stopped him and swapped the two plates.

The Good King was bemused and asked, "What's going on? Is there something wrong?"

The Evil King replied, "Well, this is my first time here, and you may have poisoned my food."

The Good King laughed and said, "OK, let's carry on with our meal then."

Just as the Good King was about to take a bite, the Evil King swapped the two plates again.

The Good King said, "What's wrong this time?"

The Evil King replied, "Well, maybe this is all a set-up and you double-bluffed me."

The Good King, laughed, shook his head, and started eating. That night, the Good King ate his meal while the Evil King went hungry.

Morale of the Story:

If you have judgment, suspicious, or envy towards someone else, you may be projecting that problem onto other people. But in reality, the problem is in you, not them.

For example, if you think your boss is against you, you will act in a way similar to the Evil King, and you will be the one to go hungry.

Source: Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty. (Video)


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