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Two Children Peel Walnuts

A short story on the virtue of trustworthiness.

Once upon a time in ancient China, two young children were peeling walnuts. The sister left to use the washroom. Since the family was wealthy, they had servants. A servant passed by and saw the young boy struggling to peeling the walnuts. The servant told him that peeling the walnuts will be much easier if he puts them in hot water first.

The boy followed the servant's instructions and was able to peel the walnuts with great ease and speed. When the sister got back, she noticed that her brother had peeled so many walnuts. Amazed, she said,

"Wow that's amazing! Who taught you how to do that?"

The brother replied,

"I figured it out myself."

Just as he said this, the father passed by. The father knew his son definitely could not figure that out himself, so he scolded him, saying,

"However much ability you have is however much you should say. You definitely did not learn that yourself. Don't exaggerate your abilities."

After that humiliation, the son remained honest for the rest of his life, and went on to be very successful in his career.


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