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Weekly Wisdom Newsletter #1

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Date Published: Sunday, November 11, 2018

Hi All!

Welcome to the first Weekly Wisdom Newsletter, where I aim to share useful and interesting knowledge I discover weekly. Here are this week's chosen learning points:

  1. People think clear thinking comes first, then those clear thoughts are written down on paper. In actuality, unclear thinking comes first, is put on paper, then edited to give oneself clear thoughts. (Source)

  2. People who try to help others need to know the difference between empathy and compassion. Empathy requires you to try to experience their (often negative) emotional state, whereas compassion just requires you have a desire to help without the need to mirror their emotions. To help others, we should give compassion, not empathy, so that we do not experience emotional burnout. (Source)*

  3. If you want to improve your relationship with a family member or anyone else you take for granted, treat them like you would a customer. (Source: Dr. Alan Zimmerman Tuesday Tip Issue #960)

*Note from September 2020 me: I think we actually need both empathy and compassion, but we need to strengthen our own emotional self-management skills such that when we experience their negative emotions, we can handle it with a clear mind.


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