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Weekly Wisdom Newsletter #17

Published Date: Sunday, February 17, 2019

Hi All!

In this week's letter, I am introducing a Recommended Actions section. If you think this new section is redundant and/or not worth the space, please let me know.

Here are this week's chosen learning points:

  1. Developing Passion: For most people, a passion isn't suddenly discovered but rather developed over time. That's because the most joyful part of a worthy endeavor often comes after you get good at it. (Source)

  2. Do we treat strangers better than loved ones? Actually, it's not that we treat strangers better than our loved ones; it's more that we wouldn't have strong emotions, positive or negative, towards strangers. (Source)

  3. The Marie Kondo Method: To not dread organizing but enjoy it, realize that organizing is a process of appreciation. Identify the items that served you in the past that you no longer use. Say "thank you", then donate or throw it away. (Source 1) (Source 2)

Here are this week's recommended actions:

  1. If someone asked you "What's your passion?" two years from now, what would you want to say? Start developing that passion this week.

  2. For one encounter, treat a loved one as you would a stranger you want to befriend.

  3. Identify one thing that you no longer use. Thank the item for its past service, then donate or throw it away.

If you think someone else would find this newsletter useful, please forward it to them. Thanks, and have a wonderful week ahead!

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