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Weekly Wisdom Newsletter #9

Published Date: Sunday, December 30, 2018

Hi All!

Here are this week's chosen learning points:

  1. Only 44% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions (Source). Of those people, the top resolutions for 2019 are exercising more (38%), saving money (37%), and traveling (24%) (Source). Only 39% of people in their 20’s and 14% of those in their 50’s achieve their resolutions (Source).

  2. Don't like making New Year’s Resolutions? Try Past Year Reviews. Go through every week of your past year’s calendar and write down the people and activities that brought the most positivity and negativity. Then, schedule more of the positive things for next year and write the negative things on a not-to-do list. (Source)

  3. People often obsess about making the “best” decision such that it's ineffective. Instead, it’s better to get good at making a decision, then quickly undoing and remaking the decision with new learnings. (Source)

If you think someone else would find this newsletter useful, please forward it to them. Thanks, and have a wonderful New Year's!

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