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Teacher, Do You Remember Me?

Image Source: Unsplash

A young man recognized his middle school teacher on the street, and he walked up to him and said, “Teacher! Do you remember me?”

The teacher looked at the young man for a while, and said, “Sorry, I don’t remember.”

The student said, “I was in your middle school class. I’m the student that stole a classmate’s watch!”

The teacher thought again and said, “I’m really sorry, I still don’t remember.”

The student said, “That day, you made each student stand facing the wall with our hands covering our eyes, and then you went and searched each person’s pockets for the watch. When you found the watch in my pocket, I was extremely nervous. I thought you would scold me in front of the class, and my reputation would be ruined forever!

But strangely, you didn’t scold me. You didn’t even say who stole the watch. You just returned the watch to the classmate and continued class as normal. All the way to graduation, you didn’t mention it. I was so relieved and grateful! Do you remember me now?"

The teacher smiled and said, “Oh I remember that incident! But there’s no way I would remember you. I didn’t want to ruin any relationships among the classmates or have any negative bias towards any of my students, so I also closed my eyes when searching through my students’ pockets.”

When the student heard this, all he could do was cry and give the teacher a big hug of appreciation.


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