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Weekly Wisdom Newsletter #18

Published Date: Sunday, February 24, 2019

Hi All!

This week's newsletter is about shared work, which Gretchen Rubin talks about in this blog post. It applies to both personal and professional relationships.

  1. We unconsciously overvalue our contributions relative to others and under-estimate the difficulty of tasks done by others.

  2. "Being taken for granted is an unpleasant but sincere form of praise." The more reliably you do a task for the team, the less likely it is for the team to notice you're doing it, to feel grateful, or to want to help.

  3. If you really want someone else to do the task, don't do it yourself. And when they finally do it, don't criticize them. If you can't bear this, then you value the task more, so you should just do it yourself.

This week's recommended actions:

  1. Identify a task someone else does for the team and thank them for it. Don't unconsciously undervalue their contributions.

  2. Identify a task you've been doing but you'd really rather someone else does. Decide if it's worth your effort or if it's better to stop doing it (see bullet #3).

If you think someone else would find this newsletter useful, please forward it to them. Thanks, and have a wonderful week ahead!

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