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Weekly Wisdom Newsletter #20

Published Date: Sunday, March 10, 2019

Hi All!

Here are this week's chosen learning points:

  1. Role Models: "Pick your role models based on their values, not their valuables." -Jay Shetty

  2. Perception: People can hear and see different things from the same source, but they're all valid. Like I hear "yanny" in this clip but others hear "laurel." Also, I see blue and black while some see white and gold for this dress.

  3. Trait transfer: What you say about other people gets associated with you. (Source)

Here is this week's recommended action:

  1. Reflect on your role models in life. Identify the values they exhibit and whether or not their values align with yours.

  2. Say great things about others and others will associate those traits with you!

If you think someone else would find this newsletter useful, please forward it to them. Thanks, and have a wonderful week ahead!


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