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Weekly Wisdom Newsletter #52 (One-Year Anniversary!)

Published Date: Sunday, October 20, 2019

Hi All!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of this newsletter!

Here are some interesting stats about this newsletter:

  • Total number of bullets sent: 162

  • Top three themes: success, relationships, happiness

  • Current number of recipients: 19

I started this newsletter as just a way to share three things I learned every week. But over the past year, I've learned that I really enjoy doing it! And if you'd like to help me out with my goal of sharing wisdom, please recommend a friend who might benefit from the newsletter!

Here are this week's chosen learning points:

  1. Relationship Advice: "When people show you who they are, believe them the first time." —Maya Angelou. | We often project an image onto others, hoping we can polish them into our image. As a result, we ignore the clear signals they're sending about who they really are, and that they're not going to change. (Source)

  2. Self-Esteem and Culture: It seems that North Americans tie a lot of self-worth to their job title. A common ice-breaker question is "What do you do for a living?" In other parts of the world, like Britain and Europe, such a question would be considered offensive. They'd much talk about vacations and personal interests (their culture also supports spending more time in those areas). (Source)

  3. Flow State and Productivity: To enter flow state (a state of intense concentration and productivity), we need to be well-rested and doing a task that is just above our ability level. Once you start feeling some frustration, you're getting close. Then you need to let go of that frustration and just start focusing on the task or process. Soon, you'll be in flow state. (Source)

Here are this week's recommended actions:

  1. Think of someone you have a relationship issue with. Ask yourself, "Are you projecting a rosy image on to them when they've made it clear that that's not them?"

  2. Try entering flow state for a work session. Make sure you're rested and doing something challenging. And make sure you prevent distractions because distractions will stop flow state, and then you'll have to go through the loading process all over again.

Thanks, and have a wonderful week ahead!


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